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re: Warlocks Raiding Destro

This is a simple follow up guide for our Destro locks. Few things have to be taken into consideration with the comming out of Cata. People are just starting to get the gear necessery for our raids and as time goes by the gear should make a differance for a lot of people.

The main thing people should concentrate on is getting their Atlas Loot and making a wishlist or whatever is needed to get the peice of heroics they still are missing.

HIT RATING : Stats wise destro locks should be first concentrating on their hit rating. If you enchante and gem with hit there should be no reason to be under 13% hit(1325hr). The 17% hit cap should come along with the raid gear.

CRIT: Many people are arguing over the fact that Mastery should be before crit. I would have to agree with this... but once again with the lack of stats were expeirencing Crit should be focused first. If you stand around 15-17% leave your crit alone for a while and bring your Mastery up after words.

MASTERY: The minimum mastery I personaly work with is 1000 mastery rating which steps you from 16% to 17% fire dmg. The next step to 18% unless you concentrate into it is a little too far away to start spending a lot of stats in it.

HASTE: Haste is the least of our problems, with the conflagrate and Soulfire haste effect most of your haste should be reforged. I personaly stand around 8-9%(1100hasteR) and have no troubles with it.

I seem to have figured out a good rotation for single target.

I ALWAYS start off a fight by clicking my soulburn and let the 15 second cool off while i start my first set rotation with Immolate unless I have to run in. If I have to run in to start attacking I start off with what ever my Curse I am assigned with then /Curroption/BoA/Immolate/Chaosbolt/ pop my Demon Soul then Confla/then instant Soulfire from my cooking Soulburn from the start which is about to expire(I simply do this to have my soulburn CD faster). Then start blasting with Incinerate until i have to refresh dots.
If i fight 2+ mobs i always put my dots on the other targets before blasting Skull.
-I always use my Demon Soul/Soulburn/Trinkets on CD as soon as i got them.
-Don't be shy to use your fire breath and Shadowfury on 2+ mobs.
-Aoe rotation i use i Shadowflame/Rain of fire/Shadowfury.
This is pretty much the way i play it and may vary on number of mobs and their HP.

If anyone has anything to add or have any questions on more deep expanations, do not be shy to come ask me questions.
Feel free to comment!
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re: Stat priorities

The one major change made to Destruction since this post was to the Improved Soul Fire mechanic. Rather than 15% spell haste, it now provides +8% fire and shadow damage for the duration of the buff.

From my own experience, ideal stat priorities for Destruction resemble the following.

Intellect > Hit >= Spellpower > Haste > Crit >= Mastery

Intellect: Provides spellpower, mana, and small amounts of crit (648.91 Int = 1% crit). Scales with Nethermancy and Kings/MotW, making it a clear

Hit: 102.446 Hit rating yields 1% hit. The caps are 6% for heroics and 17% (1742) for raid bosses. As Sinism stated, it's important to get this one capped or as close to the cap as you can manage; missing with Soul Fire will hurt your DPS.

Spellpower: Boosts to spellpower come from increased Intellect, caster weapons, Fel Armor, raid buffs (6/10%), and trinket procs.

Haste: 128.057 rating yields 1% spell haste, and the next best stat to focus upon after hit rating. Conflagrate's damage is based upon Immolate's total periodic damage, so gaining extra ticks on Immolate will actually make Conflagrate stronger. Haste influences every single spell you use, and also speeds up the imp's Firebolt casts.

Crit: 179.28 rating yields 1% crit. Not one of my own personal favorites, but this stat edges out mastery in the earlier levels of gear as it will affect every single spell you use.

Crit's value as a secondary stat is diluted by the presence of raid buffs, the Shadow & Flame debuff that we bring, and our large amount of Intellect.

Mastery: Follows a similar conversion rate for Crit; 179.28 rating yields 1 point of Mastery. Each point increases our Fire damage by 1.35%.

This stat won't affect our Shadow damage sources or the imp's Firebolts, making it very narrow in application. Crit will initially have more value, but the gap between crit and mastery will shrink as your gear improves.
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