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re: Update on the Loot Situation

Well, the poll has been closed and LC is the winner. I Want to address a few concerns people may have regarding the new system. First off, The people chosen are people that do not solely get to vote by themselves, as in its not just one person voting and thats it, its a collaberation of people working together to get the best possible choice for the gear slot. In 10 mans, 3 people vote. In 25 mans 5 people vote. Each member of LC is linked the gear peices from members who can utilize the piece and then a number of things happen before the vote is cast. 1. Member attendance. 2. Member participation 3. Length and durration of raider status. 4. current gear member has 5. Best upgrade for that member VS other members. This does not mean that a new member walking in with low gear is going to get the peice automatcaly, as there are many other factors to concider. Once each person has concidered these factors, then they cast thier vote for who it should go to. Then, when the sytem identifies that a name has a majority vote, only then is the peice handed to the person, thusly the odd number of council members. That way theres no ties or question as to who gts the piece. It is important for members to understand that this system is what YOU (the members of DH) cast votes and chose, and so we owe the system an oppertunity to work for us. There has been alot of investigation and time into this so it will have achance to succeed. We are in the process of choosing LC members that will serve the guild and its members with thier best interests in mind. We will give thi system a shot and see how it goes. As with anything progressive, it will take time. I thank all of you for your understanding and time.
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