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re: App: Shiah99

The application submitted by Shiah99 is as follows:

Name : Zataniah
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Moon Guard
Level : 100
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Orc
Class : Monk

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes




Character's Name::



Armory Link::

What is your available hours/days::
Varies. Will be available to raid on given schedule.

Please give a brief view of your mainspec/offspec gear and spec.:
I don't currently have an offspec. But can gear for one if need be. I tend to focus on a single spec and master it. This goround i'm focusing on DPS as it's what I'm best at.

I'm not quite sure I understand what this question is looking for. I'm pretty much going by what I've read online about the windwalker spec. Multistrike is king. Followed very closely by versa/crit. Right now I'm in low to mid level gear mostly because I haven't raided in quite a long time. Not much else to say really.

Current guild, guild history, and explanations of why/how you left and joined your current/prior guild(s). Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join DH?:
I am currently guildess, Before I moved to Moon Guard I was in a top level raiding guild on Farstriders for 3 years (Aegis) where I was an officer and raid leader. When my guild disbanded and the core team quit the game I decided to take a hiatus from serious raiding and just be casual for a while.

I want to join DH to break back into the raiding scene and test the waters. I know I'm a raider at heart and I miss it immensely. The schedule put fourth in the trade advertisement lined up with what I was looking for. It seems like a good fit. I'd like to explore that.

What can you bring to Demonic Hordes?:
I am a veteran raider with almost a decade of experience under my belt. I am knowledgable about most game/class mechanics and I always bring my A Game. I'm also very personable and helpful. I enjoy interacting with people and advancing the guild as a whole.

What do you expect out of Demonic Hordes? :
The only things I expect out of a guild are what I put into it. If the members respect me I'll respect them in return.

Please list your endgame raiding experience.:
Where to start...

I've been raiding since Vanilla. I've been in top-tier level guilds since the end of Vanilla onward. in BC I played a Rogue on Hellscream. Wrath and Cata I spent most of my time playing a Shadow Priest all the way through every raid. I made my monk at the beginning of MoP and raided the first tier with my guild. After the 2nd tier came out my guild disbanded. I've been in casual limbo ever since.

The demonic hordes guild bank helps out its raiders with raid repairs/gems/enchants and other materials for raiding upgrades from raids

Would you be willing to pay 200g a week to have access to raid repairs once a raider?:

Would you be willing to help donate to the guild bank so other guildies will have materials they may need for raiding?:

Are you willing to sit out on boss fights when asked to?:
Done it before. It's not an issue.

Can you accept criticism? explain yes or no.:

Would you be willing to respec if asked to?:
I'd rather not. But if it were absolutely necessary? Sure. But I wouldn't be happy doing it long-term. DPS is where I excel. I'd rather stay in it.

Raiding isnt cheap. It costs gold for repairs, flasks, food and other materials that are needed while raiding.

Do you show up to raids ontime and prepared? (flasks,regents,etc):

Do you have GameVox? If not, would you be willing to get it.:
No idea what it is. But if it's required I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue.

Hows your internet/computer ability to handle raids?:
Broadband. Never have internet issues.

If theres a loot issue or drama from another guildie, what would you do?:
Let leadership deal with it. If someone is causing drama I usually just ignore it.I've never been one to engage in stuff like that. Waste of energy.

Please tell us a little about yourself (work/school), what you like to do, games you play, hobbies and just anything else that might come to mind.:
I work as a full time I.T. for a well known bakery conglomerate in the North West. When I'm not playing WoW I spend most of my time with friends or outside. Oregon is beautiful and it seems a waste to be indoors all the time. I play a smattering of other console games and I am very much enjoying my PS4 at the moment.

How did you hear about us?:
Trade advert

Any referrals from Demonic Hordes?:

Any comments/questions/concerns?:
None at the moment but If I think of anything I'll make sure to tell someone. Other than that... Thanks for your consideration in my application.

Please enter an email adress so we can contact you in case we miss each other in game!:

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