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re: App: RixxyAGoGo

The application submitted by RixxyAGoGo is as follows:

Name : Erodelice
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Moon Guard
Level : 100
Gender : Female
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Paladin
Spec 1 : Holy
Spec 2 : Holy

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes




Character's Name::


Holy (PvE focus, heals) / Holy (Shockadin, PvP)

Armory Link::

What is your available hours/days::
While my schedule is in a certain amount of flux, I am able to commit Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings free for raids, as well as Saturday nights.

Please give a brief view of your mainspec/offspec gear and spec.:
In a word: awful. Two words: really awful.

With the main spec, the strategy is fairly simple: plop a beacon and a shield on a tank (probably) or anyone else expected to need the passive healing/bubble. Holy Prism allows for a little versatility in damage and healing, and FoJ can keep adds busy for a second so they can be taken care of easier. Sanctified Wrath lets me keep throwing Holy Shock around often, which in turn speeds up some heals, which in turn makes sure people don't die. That's the theory at least.

Spec 2 is pretty much just a fun battleground build. Not much to say there.

Current guild, guild history, and explanations of why/how you left and joined your current/prior guild(s). Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join DH?:
At the moment, I am sitting idle in a friend's guild. It's mostly a way to chat and find people willing to do Heroics with - something that I can easily do with literally anyone else. I have no real previous guild history worth mentioning, just a few stints in one place or another so I can buy heirloom gear.

What can you bring to Demonic Hordes?:
While I do indeed have a lot to learn about what it means to be a raider, I am committing my passion and

What do you expect out of Demonic Hordes? :
At the very least, I hope to come away with an understanding of my limits as a player and how I can improve. The phat lewtz and sense of community and acomplishment are just icing on the cake, really.

Please list your endgame raiding experience.:
To be honest, I've never really had any. Outside of LFR (a shitshow if there ever was one) and Heroice 5-mans, my only experience of endgame content has been admiring other raiders from afar.

Am I willing to do my homework and watch videos, read guides, and take notes before approaching things? You bet.

The demonic hordes guild bank helps out its raiders with raid repairs/gems/enchants and other materials for raiding upgrades from raids

Would you be willing to pay 200g a week to have access to raid repairs once a raider?:

Would you be willing to help donate to the guild bank so other guildies will have materials they may need for raiding?:
To a degree - first and foremost, I need to be able to keep my own supplies of items ready for alts, selling, or just to have a stock. Anything I find to be a comfortable excess, however, would be given freely so things can keep rolling.

Are you willing to sit out on boss fights when asked to?:
Absolutely. It seems like you guys know what you are doing already and I'll defer to your judgements when it comes to who should be doing what.

Can you accept criticism? explain yes or no.:
Sort of in line with the above: I am new to this (raiding, not WoW!) so a lot of it is a mystery. I am glad for any and all advice since

Would you be willing to respec if asked to?:
Only to Protection, honestly. I have a soft spot for the spec for starters, and Ret never really felt that 'good' to me to play for the few times I tried it out.

Raiding isnt cheap. It costs gold for repairs, flasks, food and other materials that are needed while raiding.

Do you show up to raids ontime and prepared? (flasks,regents,etc):
I will do my best, but at the moment I am woefully underprepared for raiding when it comes to gear.

Do you have GameVox? If not, would you be willing to get it.:
I do not, but I would be willing to use it.

Hows your internet/computer ability to handle raids?:
My connection and computer are fairly middling but they certainly run things well-enough from what I've seen in LFR and (ugh)Ashran, so I expect decent performance.

If theres a loot issue or drama from another guildie, what would you do?:
I would attempt to bring in a higher-ranking member of the guild to mediate if it was a continuing issue.

Please tell us a little about yourself (work/school), what you like to do, games you play, hobbies and just anything else that might come to mind.:
Most importantly: I am MtF transgender. I may not have the melodic voice or the DDs I want, but I'm getting there. Slowly. It's not something I'm sensitive about or anything - I sound like a dude over Vent 100.5% I would still appreciate the whole 'she/her' thing, but I don't get bent out of shape over anything since it is pretty understandable.

Moving on to more important things: I am a total nerd.

- I've played WoW back when I was a wee lassie in seventh grade and left about the time Wrath was released to the public. My first server was Bloodscalp, but when BC came out I moved to Moon Guard (I still don't know why) I've come back to WoW as of about three months ago, and have been trying to stop calling it "Blessing of Protection" since.

- I play Magic: the Gathering. Usually pretty jank stuff,

How did you hear about us?:
A gen-chat message was the first I've heard about the guild. I've since peeped both the WoW and local forums.

Any referrals from Demonic Hordes?:
Unfortunately not!

Any comments/questions/concerns?:
The form seems a bit redundant in several places, and I am not quite sure why. The sizing of the text boxes on several answers is much too small, while a couple seem to have the right space.

Please enter an email adress so we can contact you in case we miss each other in game!:

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