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re: App: Khannz_Wood

The application submitted by Khannz_Wood is as follows:

Name : Khannz
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Moon Guard
Level : 100
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Mage
Spec 1 : Fire
Spec 2 : Arcane

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Connor Wood



Character's Name::


Fire(what i want after 4pc)/Arcane

Armory Link::

What is your available hours/days::
every evening every 2-3 weeks gone for a long weekend to visit girlfriend

Please give a brief view of your mainspec/offspec gear and spec.:
I am Fire/Arcane. Mostly play arcane because of that stupid 4pc to make fire do decent numbers in most fights. I gem/enchant mastery. My stat priority so is Mastery>=Crit>haste>multi>vers. I honestly don't know what else you want here haha

Current guild, guild history, and explanations of why/how you left and joined your current/prior guild(s). Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join DH?:
Just left Voodoo which is like realm 6? Horde 2 guild? Something like that. Joined that guild to fill their boomie slot they needed so I could raid with my friend that is Realm 1st combat rogue. Left because I literally hate boomkins and just couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to play my mage, which is pretty much the sole reason I play wow, so I am on the hunt for a guild.

What can you bring to Demonic Hordes?:
Dem Deepz (maybe >.>)

What do you expect out of Demonic Hordes? :
some good ole fashion fun raiding... on my mage lol

Please list your endgame raiding experience.:
I did normal SoO as a rogue on Illidan but i PvP'd since I joined the game back in Wrath. Started raiding this expac a couple weeks ago. I am 6/7H HM and 9/10N BrF. Thats all I got there since I started in the PvE scene literally a month ago.

The demonic hordes guild bank helps out its raiders with raid repairs/gems/enchants and other materials for raiding upgrades from raids

Would you be willing to pay 200g a week to have access to raid repairs once a raider?:

Would you be willing to help donate to the guild bank so other guildies will have materials they may need for raiding?:
sure, although I usually am poor but I am remedying that, made 110k in 12 hours 3 weeks ago haha

Are you willing to sit out on boss fights when asked to?:
sure thing

Can you accept criticism? explain yes or no.:
yes sir

Would you be willing to respec if asked to?:
between arcane/fire sure, frost sucks as PvE dps especially since I have no Multistrike so I would advise against it, BUT would still do it if asked honestly

Raiding isnt cheap. It costs gold for repairs, flasks, food and other materials that are needed while raiding.

Do you show up to raids ontime and prepared? (flasks,regents,etc):
yes sir

Do you have GameVox? If not, would you be willing to get it.:
Don't have it, will have it downloaded before first raid

Hows your internet/computer ability to handle raids?:
just peachy, haven't had an issue yet *knock on wood*

If theres a loot issue or drama from another guildie, what would you do?:
not care honestly, I am pretty chill figure there is next week, and i have badluck so not getting loot is the norm for me

Please tell us a little about yourself (work/school), what you like to do, games you play, hobbies and just anything else that might come to mind.:
I am a computer engineering major that ran out of money so i am off for the semester and potentially summer. I was a college athlete (swimmer), until said money ran out. play cs go/league(rarely nowadays)/minecraft/wow and a couple random games here and there.

How did you hear about us?:

Any referrals from Demonic Hordes?:

Any comments/questions/concerns?:
I hate fire requiring 4pc to drop the big deeps . Oh btw my mage does not show 6/7H HM and 9/10N BrF kills because it was done on my boomkin which the armory is,
didn't know if you needed "proof" that I did indeed drop those bosses, other than that I got nothing.

Please enter an email adress so we can contact you in case we miss each other in game!:

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