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re: App: Elessidel

The application submitted by Elessidel is as follows:

Name : Electrohots
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Moon Guard
Level : 100
Gender : Female
Faction : Horde
Race : Troll
Class : Druid
Spec 1 : Resto
Spec 2 : Guardian

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Momo (Marie)



Character's Name::



Armory Link::

What is your available hours/days::
Any (prefer late night)

Please give a brief view of your mainspec/offspec gear and spec.:
I'm PvP geared at the moment, but willing to change.

Current guild, guild history, and explanations of why/how you left and joined your current/prior guild(s). Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join DH?:
Some random guild. Only previous guild history with Electrohots was one me and Dragonblade had together for the bank space. I'm wanting to join DH so I can game with my roommate some, as well as (hopefully) bring good heals to the table. Currently PvP heals, but willing to PvE gear.

What can you bring to Demonic Hordes?:
Laughter, great heals :3

What do you expect out of Demonic Hordes? :
Social enviroment

Please list your endgame raiding experience.:
100 Alliance druid: 7/7 N HM, 3/7 H HM [Ahead of the Curve] -5/10 Normal BRF (

100 Alliance Shaman: 6/7 N and H HM - 5/10 Heroic BRF (

The demonic hordes guild bank helps out its raiders with raid repairs/gems/enchants and other materials for raiding upgrades from raids

Would you be willing to pay 200g a week to have access to raid repairs once a raider?:

Would you be willing to help donate to the guild bank so other guildies will have materials they may need for raiding?:

Are you willing to sit out on boss fights when asked to?:

Can you accept criticism? explain yes or no.:

Would you be willing to respec if asked to?:

Raiding isnt cheap. It costs gold for repairs, flasks, food and other materials that are needed while raiding.

Do you show up to raids ontime and prepared? (flasks,regents,etc):

Do you have GameVox? If not, would you be willing to get it.:
*googles that* Uh, sure.

Hows your internet/computer ability to handle raids?:

If theres a loot issue or drama from another guildie, what would you do?:
Keep my mouth shut

Please tell us a little about yourself (work/school), what you like to do, games you play, hobbies and just anything else that might come to mind.:

How did you hear about us?:

Any referrals from Demonic Hordes?:

Any comments/questions/concerns?:
I stated 'no' for the 200g a week for repairs, as I'd be paying my own. If I like the guild you'll notice random gold inputs.

Please enter an email adress so we can contact you in case we miss each other in game!:

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