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re: A Guide to the Field of Hunting


Hello, and welcome to my Hunter Class guide for all specializations that include Survival, Marksman, and Beast Mastery, my name is Wiigan, one of the Core Hunters of Demonic Hordes and Alt Run Core Leader. In this guide, as you can imagine, is here to help you get started off raiding as a hunter. 

How this will go is I will break down the three hunter specs into branches. I would advise you test each one to see if it fits your style. Good Hunting.



Stat Priority: Agility (Your most important stat)>Multistrike>Mastery=Versatility>Crit>Haste


Glaive Toss (in single-target situations; if you have chosen this talent) or pre-cast Cobra shot, after you popped your pot.

Murder of Crows or Stampede (which ever talent choice you took)

Black Arrow

Explosive Shot

Arcane Shotx1

Cobra Shotx2

Kill Shot on CD(below 35% Health)

Proceed unto dpsing.



Stat Priority: Agility>Crit>Multistike>Versatility>Mastery>Haste

The reason why crit is so valued is that it benefits Aimed Shot. Each critical Aimed Shot gains Focus back allowing you to either effectively shoot another Aimed Shot or, Chimera Shot, which takes priority over Aimed Shot.

Marksmanship as a unique benefit when you stand in one place for an extended period. You'll gain a buff called Sniper Training which increases your damage done by a small amount, it's really not noticeable on the charts unless you're standing idle for long periods of time of about 10 seconds. Fights that allow you to be still for a period of time might allow you to pick Focusing Shot which is better than Lone Wolf, but only for fights where there is little movement up to about 5 seconds. For instance fights like, The Butcher.


Chimera Shot(Keep on Cool Down)

Murder of Crows or Stampede

Aimed Shot (Thrill of the Hunt, and Focus dumper)

Kill Shot on CD (At 35% Health; takes priority over everything but Chimera Shot)

Steady SHot 2x or 3x, depending on where your focus might be. Focusing Shot (Talent if chosen) only once.


Beast Mastery:

Stat Priority: Agility>Mastery>Multistrike>Haste>Crit>Versatility


Pre-pot, pre-cast Cobra Shot


Bestial Wrath

Kill Command (On CD)

Arcane Shot (Dump excess focus)

Focus Fire (use on 5/5; or when it turns shiny)


Plan ahead, what you are going to do and how to keep your CD's on Cool down. DON'T EVER CAP or Hit Low Focus, this is a major DPS loss. If you know you are going to focus dump, make sure to plan 2x Cobra/Steady Shots in, or if you're about to Cap on Focus, don't waste another 1.5 to 2.0 seconds casting Cobra/Steady Shot, dump some focus and then do it. 


Talent Choices for each spec (What you should use, but that's just my preference):

Tier one: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera (Almost always), Posthaste (For Mobility, Bracken flamethrowers!)

Tier two: Binding Shot(Default choice)

Tier three: Iron Hawk (default choice if you have no pet and chose Lone Wolf.) Spirit Bond (If Focusing Shot is chosen, and pet is out, or you are in Beast Mastery)

Tier four: Thrill of the Hunt (Surv/Marksman), Steady Focus (Beast Mastery)

Tier five: Stampede (Surv/Marksman/BM), Murder of Crows (Survival (defoult choice/Marksman(only if the target needs to die quickly)) Blink Strikes (BM only)

Tier six: Glaive - Single Target only(Surv/Marksman) Barrage - More than one target for Marksman or Survival, Beast Mastery is a must have.

Tier seven: Lone Wolf or Focusing Shot (Depends on situation) for Survival, Marksman (Lone Wolf), Adaptation (replaced Lone Wolf in Beast Mastery spec.)


I do hope this guide put you on your way to becoming the server, maybe even the world's best hunter.


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