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re: Highmaul Healing for the Priest (WIP)


Currently in Highmaul, discipline healing is the preferred spec on all bosses due to the mobility of Power Word: Shield.  Since a lot of the fights involve heavy movement and big attacks that can one-shot or at the very least bring health down extremely low, mitigation healing paired with a good raid healer like a restoration druid is ideal.  However, holy healing is also good on many fights, especially if there is already a disc priest on the team.  In this section, I will list the PROs and CONs, boss by boss, for each healing spec.  Note*: Any number figures used in this guide are based on an average item level of 645.  Your numbers may fluctuate depending on your personal item level.

Also keep in mind that this guide is simple that: a guide.  A lot of factors will determine which spec is best for the team.  It is not recommended that a raid team (unless in Mythic raiding) have more than 1 disc priest per encounter, as Divine Aegis does not stack and the lower disc will take a massive healing loss (as will the raid as a result).



  • PROs: Power Word: Shield paired with Tier 2 Talent Body and Soul aids in movement for pillars and stands.  Holy nova adds a decent AoE heal and some extra damage for stands.  Ideal for stands healing.  Low cast times on most spells.
  • CONs: In the event of an "oops!", discipline priests do not really have a non-mitigation raid healing CD.  Weakened Soul debuff might cause a problem if a lot of damage is going out and you are unable to get Power Word: Shield out on debuffed targets that need it.


  • PROs: Divine Hymn in the event of a need for a raid healing CD.  Lots of HoTs, so healing going out all the time without the need to worry about Weakend Soul.  4 instant heals: Serenity, 2 free flash heal procs with Tier 3 Talent Surge of Light, and Circle of Healing.  Can also use Power Word: Shield in the event there is not a discipline priest on the team.
  • CONs: Most spells are mana costly and have long cast times.  There is also very little overall damage going out at once, so holy tends to fall behind on this fight if everyone is doing their job correctly.

The Butcher


  • PROs: Power Word: Shield, Divine Aegis, and Clarity of Will are all wonderful for mitigating the damage going out between groups.  Holy Nova is a great quick spam heal for the ranged group to heal to full before and after the cleave.  Can have 2 disc priests on this fight due to enough raid damage going out that there won't be much issue with Divine Aegis not stacking.
  • CONs: Because damage is CONSISTENTLY going out, this is probably the one time where disc priests will go OOM long before a holy priest will due to having to spam Prayer of Healing to combat the Weakend Soul debuff.  It is also extremely hard for a disc priest to keep players at full without the aid of a resto druid or resto shaman.  Tier 7 Words of Mending and Tier 5 Power Infusion are ideal here to both save mana and increase healing. Note*: Save Power Infusion burst for burn phase.


  • PROs: HoTs such as Renew, Echo of Light, and Prayer of Mending combined with steady AoE healing will keep most raid members around 50% or better with little effort.  Ideal to couple this with a disc priest's mitigations.  Because the healing is more steady, holy priests are less likely to go OOM before burn phase.
  • CONs: No mitigation.  Unless timing heals correctly and using the best talents for your team's needs, it can be hard to keep players alive.  Tier 7 Clarity of Purpose and Tier 5 Twist of Fate are the ideal talents here to both save mana and increase healing.



  • PROs: Clarity of Will and Power Word: Shield can keep mushrooms up almost indefinitely with paired with a flash heal or two and penance, leading to good mana regen (Rejuvinating Mushroom) and AoE healing (Living Mushroom).  Combining this with tossing out a Halo every now and again, and a discipline priest can easily pull 30k+ on this fight.
  • CONs: If the other healers aren't extremely strong, spam-healing mushrooms will cause the raid to fall.  On the other hand, focusing on the raid will cause the mitigation utility on the mushrooms to not provide as good of AoE healing and mana regen.  With this fight, heal team comp is VERY important, as are healing assignments.  No massive raid healing CD for Infesting Spores.


  • PROs: HoTs can keep both raid and Mushrooms alive for a decent amount of time.  Divine Hymn for Infesting Spores.  Guardian Spirit extremely helpful if needing to keep a mushroom alive a little bit longer.
  • CONs: Unless coupled with a disc priest, can find a hard time keeping mushrooms up as long as possible while also staying mana efficient.  No mitigation to help keep mushrooms and raid closer to 75%+ health.



  • PROs: Tier 2 Talent Body and Soul adds a speed boost to Power Word: Shield that can aid in movement for getting Crystal Barrage out of the raid.  Mitigation extremely useful on tanks.  Glyph of Penance allows healing to be done while moving in the event the disc priest receives Crystal Barrage, as well as during movement for Earthen Pillar.
  • CONs: No raid CD (other than Barrier or Spirit Shell, though Spirit Shelling the raid is mana costly) for Tectonic Upheaval.  If the DPS are not up to par, this can be a serious problem. 


  • PROs: Raid CD for Tectonic Upheaval.  Serenity has low CD and is a good instant heal for tanks.  Sanctuary is also a good option to drop in melee.  Lightwell provides some healing in the event the holy priest has Crystal Barrage.  Guardian Spirit extremely useful.
  • CONs: No mitigation.  Not as mobile as discipline healing. 

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