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re: DKP - The way it goes

As many of you are aware, we have gone to DKP, the following are how DKP will be executed. DKP only applies to progressional 25 man raids.

1. Early to a raid is 5 points.
2. Every boss down in the first quarter is 5 points.
3. Every boss down in 2, 3, 4wings are concidered progression and are worth 10 points.
4. Staying to the end of a raid is worth an additional 5 points.
5. Leaving a raid early is - 5 points, unless the reason is Legitamate and is addressed to the Raid Leader
6. Repetive AFK, Missing ready checks will also be - 5 dkp

DH does recognize that not all players can make or join a raid due to raid makup and availability of raider class. To ensure that raiders are not left behind in DKP, we have instituted something called STANDBY DKP. This means that if your online at the time of a bosskill, you will recieve 3 dkp by typing " DH KILL" in guild chat.

To prevent DKP hoarding and to ensure minimal roll offs, there is currently a DKP roof of 500. if you were to attend every raid every week starting at Zero, it would take someone 3 months of ZERO gear to reach this roof. Is it worth the hoarding?

Gear that is dropped has a Baseline of 5 DKP in the first quarter. As bosses become non progressional, the gear will base will also drop. progressional gear has a base value of 10, DKP. This means if no one bids on the piece, and you want it, the lowest cost it will be to you will be 10 dkp. if its non progressional, it will be 5 dkp base value.

All bidding is done via " Silent Bidding". This means that you pst the maximum DKP you want to bid for that item to the loot master of the raid. If your DKP value is higher then everyone else, the item will cost the DKP amount equal to the highest bidder below yours +1. So if You bid 50, and someone else bids 45, you win the bid at 46. If there is a tie for the highest bids, then the people that had the same bid amounts roll off to decide the winner.

Certain unique in game items will have additional Base DKP values. Tier trophy's and Marks have a base cost of 25 DKP.

Bloods from fester/rotface will have a base of 15 DKP.

BOE Items that drop durring a raid are available at a base of 10 DKP, if you can use it, you can bid for it. Keep in mind this will detract from your DKP for future items you may desire. If there are NO MS DKP bids, and no OS DKP bids, the item goes to the GB for future guildies and or GB sales. Your DKP covers the CURRENT character you have in the CURRENT raid. If your on your hunter and a BOE plate drops, you CANNOT use DKP to purchase the belt for that toon. However, if you've raided on your Hunter and you enter this raid on your Paladin, you CAN use the DKP buildup of your raids to purchase the BOE item for the toon IN THE CURRENT RAID. - Essentialy, your DKP is BOA, but only for the CURRENT RAIDING TOON. This means if your on your hunter and the belt drops, you CANT use it. if your on the pally and the belt drops, you CAN use it. As always, Win and Equip rules apply. the last thing we want to see is an item won, and its now on the AH.
BOE items sent to the GB are first come, first serve.

Bid retraction is NOT an option. Think about the item before you bid. if you bid and win, its your item. if you decide to hand something to someone, its your DKP it has cost you to do so. So spend your DKP carefully. If there is something that drops later and you really want it or didnt anticipate it, discuss it with the winner of that item, perhaps an agreement or trade can be made.

PUGS - Pugs will be allowed to earn dkp for raids just as guildies do, they will be allowed to use dkp on gear from runs currently in. DKP for pugs will be stored on the site and useable for future raids with DH. This allows the use of DKP by members and gives pugs incentive to join the guild and have DKP.

1. Main spec roll is always first over off spec.
2. Off spec roll is always over DE
3. Loot priority goes: Raiders > Members > Test Subjects. If you are a test subject and rolling on a piece of gear that a raiding member is rolling on, it will default to the highest raid member roll. If the Raid member is in error and cannot use the item, it will default according to the roll priority.
4. MS means Main Spec takes priority over Off spec.

If the guild feels that the makeup requires you to play a different toon, DKP will remain with your account. IF you feel that you want to play a different role or class, if the Makeup allows it, the switch can be made, but your DKP will be reset to zero. SO PLEASE make sure that change is something you want to do.

When Alt come to a Main run, the rules are as folows: Mains Get first bid, once a piece goes to Off specm thats concidered ALTS MS and bid. if no mains need an OS bid, then it moves to Alts OS bid.
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