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re: UPDATED Raid and Loot Rules (12.31.2014)


Now I know this is outdated because we're doing Heroic raids and we've been using ML instead of Personal due to the 6.0-pre 6.2 patch.


Some insight on the 6.2 patch in regards to PERSONAL LOOT

"Pre Patch 6.2 - If 15 people are eligible to loot(present at boss kill), 3 items will drop in Master Looter. Pre 6.2 Personal Loot doesn't work this way, it can drop nothing or more than 3, with an average of 3 considering all wow population." - The reason we went with Master Looter, previously averaged to give the same as ML would, but without the benefit of being able to keep people from getting duplicates.

"At Patch 6.2 - Now the game will reward 3 players with loot in personal loot. In addition, to compensate the fact that loot can't be redistributed, MORE loot than that 3 loot will be given, say, 4 loot." - Master Looter will provide the raid with LESS total pieces on average at first, than Personal Loot.



Once we have downed a boss 3 times, with Personal Loot active, with an average of 15 players in a raid, we will have an average of 10-12 pieces of loot, NOT including bonus rolls, so likely 15-17 total pieces of loot given to the raid. PER SINGLE BOSS

Master Loot, we'd have 9 Pieces of loot with 14-15 pieces of loot given to the raid. (Again, per boss) meaning that if we're LUCKY with ML, we'll be on par with what Personal Loot will get us.

With roughly total pieces of loot per boss, we're looking at, let's say we have poor RNG, and every player has 1/4 upgrades in the entire raid. (One player may have 3 while two players don't have any, it's RNG)

That means with Personal Loot on the 4th time killing a boss, we're looking at a 25% chance to get redundant loot for players.

Meanwhile, on Master Looting the 4th time killing a boss.. 3 pieces of loot drops. Roughly 4/15 players won't need any of the pieces that drop, or have those pieces. Which means you'll be looking at 11/15 players that can use a piece of loot.

Most likely, 1 Tank, 2 Healers, and 4 DPS will need the loot that drops. Gives us an opportunity to make sure that our Tanks and Healers get gear without having one person get the same piece over and over, which benefits no one... and makes sure that DPS have an opportunity to get gear, likely on the 4th kill, 1 of each role will get an upgrade. While on Personal Loot.. Likely 1-2 players will get an upgrade due to redundant loot that is given to players.


Note: in this scenario, I am not counting Warforged/Gem Sockets/Random 2ndary Stats as upgrades. (As they don't benefit the raid as much as pure BRF -> HFC upgrades do)





PS: This is Grammond

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re: UPDATED Raid and Loot Rules (12.31.2014)


The Rulez

  • 80% raid attendance record.
  • Be ready to pull first boss AT raid time (so be in raid 15mins early for trash pulls).
  • Come prepared with flasks.  Guild will provide feasts. 
  • If you need a flask, make sure to ask AHEAD OF TIME for guild bank privileges to retrieve one.
  • 200g guild tax every week.  You MAY pay this in advance.
  • Meet all item-level and DPS/HPS requirements for that raiding tier as set by the raid leader (which might change from one week to the next).
  • Show your fellow raiders (and leaders) respect, and have fun!

Ph4t Lewtz

  • With the coming of Warlords, the DKP/Master Loot system will not be used for normal and heroic raiding tiers.  We will use personal loot.
  • In the event of Mythic raiding, we will use Master Loot and the DKP system.  Please see DKP rules for further information.
  • Raiders who are of a "Raider" status or higher roll before Test-Subjects, Members, and Alts. (Mythic raiding only)
  • Please be courteous to your fellow raiders regarding loot.

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