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About Demonic Hordes

<Demonic Hordes> is a medium sized, Casual (with semi-hardcore elements) raiding guild on Moon Guard.  We're looking for the following classes/specs to be part of our 20-man core raid team to prepare us for Mythic raiding!  If a class/spec is not listed, then we are not recruiting for that class/spec for the core team, though you are more than welcome to join us as a stand-by.
H = high demand
M = medium demand
L = low demand

Holy Paladin (H)
Restoration Druid (H)
Resto Shaman (M)

Feral Druid (H)
Mage (H)
Balance Druid (H)
Rogue (M)
Elemental Shaman (M)
Warlock (L)

Death Knight (H)
Brewmaster Monk (M)


The main point of contact for recruitment is Thâlia (alt code 131). You may also contact Elfuego, Whrangle, Keldion, Lantevis, or Kakhie/Katycakes for recruitment information.


• You must be able to follow orders and have the capacity to think quickly and react accordingly.
• Must be able to take constructive criticism.
• A good sense of humor!
• No drama. If you're a drama queen, don't bother applying.
• We want active players that enjoy raiding and the challenges associated with it.
• Must be self sufficient with regards to consumables and always come prepared.
• 80%+ Raid Attendance
• A Solid Internet Connection. If you regularly go linkdead, you are of no use to us.
• Ventrilo -- You must be able to listen to the raid leader. Having a working microphone is recommended.
• You WILL sit on the bench for some fights. Everyone in the guild sits for some fights. Many current raids are designed around raid-stacking specific classes or class types.
• No tradeskills is also an indicator that you would not be a good fit for us.


Typical Raiding times/days (in Server Time)

Tuesday - 8:00pm thru approx 11:00pm 

Wednesday- 8:00pm thru approx 11:00pm 

Saturday - Clean-up/Heroic (or Mythic) run throughs with higher geared members; Alt runs; Guild Events


We ask that you come to the runs 15 minutes early and prepared with mats long enough for a 3 hour raiding period.  This link will explain in detail what is required for all raiding members gear and mats wise:

We ask that all members of the guild run randoms with each other.  This allows players to experience each other in the play environment without the pressures of intense raid demands, and at the same time it familiarizes players with each other's play styles and allows badge accumulation for better gear. Info regarding the guild tax can be found here :

For new recruits, there is an average 2 week trial phase, in which we check out our new recruits abilities and in-game priorities. During these two weeks, you will remain at the rank of Recruit. If you miss or are late to a raid that you've signed up for, or leave a raid early, you will be removed from the guild without question.



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